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Hi, I’m Nicole

A mom, mug, candle, prosecco and fresh flowers lover…

I am super passionate about personal development and reaching for MORE. With my 14 years of organizational development, coaching training and mentoring, I help professional women over 40, reignite their passion for life, set clear motivating goals and create the things they CRAVE,

I am obsessed with helping women get MORE of whatever they desire—more love, more sex, more exercise, more influence, more meaningful friendships, more quality conversations, more job opportunities, more time with God, or “me” time.

I believe if you desire it, then you can design it.

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Ways to Increase Positivity in Your Life It's not always easy to be positive. Let's face it, we live in a stressful world. We face plenty of challenges and joy stealers. Sometimes it can be challenging, and a positive outlook can do wonders for you. It can relieve...

Do You Have A Tribe?

This month as the world celebrates the wonder of us I wanted to pop into your inbox to talk about our magic. The power and influence of women are amplified when we work together and feed off each other’s energy. We are strongest when we find our tribe. But what do I...

Own Your Mornings

For many of us, getting up early in the morning is not exactly the easiest thing to do. When your alarm goes off, you feel like that additional hour of sleep will go a long way. But when you consider some of the benefits of waking up early, you might just decide that...

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