Meet Nicole Wright

Hey Gems Thank you so must for stopping by and connecting with me., slip on those high heels and let me help you step BOLDLY into the life  you desire and most certainly is time to give yourself permission to be who you see- personally and professionally. When you say YES- Your Experience Shifts I AM THE COACH ASSIGNED TO HELP YOU BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN PAIN AND POWER = PURPOSE. I HELP WOMEN GET CLEAR ABOUT THEIR LIFE’S PURPOSE AND GIVE THEMSELVES PERMISSION TO BE WHO THEY SEE. I HELP YOU SHIFT FROM FEELING INADEQUATE TO BECOMING IRREPLACEABLE.

“WAKE up and step into you purpose, someone needs your story”. was what I heard when I got the call from the doctor. even though I was angry, bitter and scared as hell..I KNEW THERE WAS PURPOSE IN MY PAIN IF I COULD JUST TAP INTO MY POWER AND SURVIVE I realize others were missing out on the life they were called to live, because I wasn’t living the life I was called to live. You don’t need permission for something God commissioned. I procrastinated for too long! I am an expert at overcoming and reclaiming, my life experiences of molestation, discrimination, teasing, homelessness, suicide attempts, feeling inadequate and a life threatening illness has taught me that no matter how bad a situation may appear once you make that decision to move from pain with purpose you tap into your power and only good things happen when you do. My fierce commitment to empower women who feel inadequate a give themselves permission to be who they see and lead fulfilling lives, is fueled by the fact that I was that girl who needed to be told you are beautiful, I was that woman who was lost and felt that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t have enough .I walked in your shoes, I have been there, I was YOU. Today however I live gratefully, boldly, unapologetically, and PURPOSEFULLY..empowering many! I would love to help you do the same If you are willing and ready to say YES to : Living out your calling Doing things in a greater way Being at peace Giving your self permission to be who you really are Playing at a bigger level Living a more fulfilling life Having more of an impact on the world I WOULD LOVE TO SERVE YOU I am an energetic facilitator, transformational coach, survivor, and powerhouse speaker who is fiercely committed to inspiring women to live empowering and purposeful lives with my intensive coaching programs , I create a safe place (no judgement) for women to become their authentic selves, empowering them to get the clarity, confidence, and courage they need to live the life they deserve and desire.

I firmly believe survivors can begin where they are, with what they have, because they are more than enough. I teach how to use today to create tomorrow, using my platform to inspire one woman at a time to reconnect with her purpose, release the hurt from her past, re-brand her soul, and rewrite her story. My life experiences have taught me that no matter how bad a situation may appear, it is possible to overcome. “Once we make the decision to move from pain with purpose, we tap into our power and only good things can happen”. I am certified in voice and speech delivery, and have been using my voice to bring my message to the world. I am a Learning and Development professional and a Certified Life Coach. With my classy edge and my innate ability to own any space freely and confidently, my mission and commitment is to empower women to do the same so they, too, can be free and have all that they desire. I am the author of “You Are More Than Enough” and I am committed to facilitating every woman on their Authentic Journey.