Mom, Stop hustling for your Worthiness





Nicole here!  We just wrapped a week long celebration for Joshua’s 7th birthday, I think I had more fun than he did. One thing that stood out for me this week was how much we do as moms, and  how we often hustle for our worthiness. In  the midst of juggling your children and your business/job (and everything that goes along with it. Sometimes you find yourself dropping balls… sometimes with your body, your exercise, your business,
and sometimes… yourself. We get lost in the fog. We have to reschedule our hair appointment, sacrifice your sleep time, Shorten your time of stillness, your prayer time. And grab the fastest food to eat or munch while you cook…or a drink to get it all done. In all this we forget WHO WE TRULY ARE..our passions and PURPOSE. Ladies, the truth is, unless you follow passions and have a purpose-drive shift you will forever be hustling and juggling

As Moms, we often live in a perpetual state of SHOULD. “I should be able to balance work and home better”, “I should live up to other people’s expectations of me”, “I should be a better wife/mother/sister/employee…” Part of the Purpose-drive shift is shifting out of SHOULD and into the truth of who you are, as you are today..WORTHY

Strong like her; stronger than superwoman. Vulnerable like her, as vulnerable as a woman-being. Mothers, you are the epitome of strength. When everyone else would have thrown in the towel, you endured. Your life is not a mistake. It is the savior of men, nurturer of children, and monument of greatness. Please, don’t you think that it is time that you recognize your worth? The real superwoman woman that you are. It is your caring heart and complete love that have groom this nation that occupies this present earth. Everything and anything is because of you.11702984_10153336936500310_620092086403292728_n

As that child grew in your womb and then later fed from your breast; it is you who gave a part of yourself and shared your body to nurture another. A potent bond that that every child cherishes; knowing that mommy is there to care for their needs. Mommy, you are every child’s superhero and the only hero whose greatest power generates from the heart: love.

Moms, I implore you to own your worth. You stand beside a man and you make him stronger. It is true that when a man leaves his mother’s home; he searches for a woman to provide him with the support that his mother gave to him. The one that he is not afraid to laugh and cry with. The one that encourages, advise him and shares herself with. Don’t you see how crucial a part you play? You are utmost worthy.

Mothers, we are great because we know that we are not perfect; we have faults and weakness. We fall down and we break down in tears. But we always get back up on our feet and we wipe our tears away. Yes, we always get back up!

We do not it for ourselves only, but we also do it for the people we love and those that love us. We protect the relationships that we form with families and friend. We love and we love from the depth of our earth. We give, and we give everything that we are and that we have. We are the superheroes that fight for the ones we love by loving them. Ask yourself, what will this world be without you? Really ask yourself…The world without women is the world that fails to exist.



So let that hunger for more roar. Time to stop feeling insufficient,undeserving and let that your lioness rule. Enough is enough. Today is the day for you to break free from all that’s enslaving your mentality, pushing to believe you’re not worthy. Renew your belief so that it cure the damage the vassalage has caused. No day but today, mothers, claim your throne.


Own you so you can lead them

  • First Step: Recognition: Do a self-video or prop up a video camera, you’re going to let the inner you speak. Be honest with yourself, state how you feel about your present lifeMother holding her son in the air and the reasons. Why do you feel unworthy, inadequate, etc?Make it max 5 mins long. Ensure you list the date you’re recording the video.
  • Second Step : Say it Out Loud – Start your mornings and end your nights with a cup of self- love – Tell yourself “I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am a lioness” – Feel free to customize the note but it must be a POSITIVE affirmation. Say this every day for a week.
  • Step 3: Get a sticky pad – Every week put up two sticky notes in your bathroom, in your room, on the refrigerator, put it several places where you must see it. One note with have a positive quote, the other will a goal. When the accomplish that goal, you put up a new goal and a new post.The quote should refer to your goal
  • Step 4: get a scrapbook: When you accomplish the goal, put it and the quote in a journal , label it with dates – when you started and when the goal was accomplished.
  • Step 5: After accomplishing 2- 4 goals, go back to the camera, list the date and tell yourself how you feel now. At the end of the video, ends with the words “ I finally know your worth and I will continue to exemplify this knowledge”

 Over the next few weeks, I will be focusing on just moms, I want to help you become the leader of your life so you can lead your children. I want to help you become a purpose-driven mom, whilst I do not claim to be an expert at parenting, I do believe I have the skills and tools to help you transform your life, so you can be the mom that desire to be. Join me and other moms who have decided to become passionate and purposeful…be part of our More than Enough Movement Join us here 


This is YOUR season

This is your season – your springeaster

Warm and nurturing; a rabbit protects the eggs. You should protect your love. The love of self. Love yourself in its entirety, the good, the bad and the ugly. You are made in an image next to none. Every bit of you was uniquely created, created for a purpose. Accept every atom of yourself and let your purpose be free.

There is an amazing individual sleeping inside of you; pure like the season of sacrifice. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to save the lives of the ones he loves. He slept for three days then he woke up to protect the ones He loves, indefinitely. The amazing person in you should wake up as well. Others telling you, you’re amazing is not enough. Think it, feel it, breathe it, live it…Each day should be a testimony of how worthy you are. Let your actions pay homage to your greatness.

Many might be afraid, crippled by fear. Know that the fear is expected, Jesus cried before his great sacrifice. Your fear is natural and it is okay to be tempted by self-doubt. It’s ok to feel insufficient, unsure – These are the aches that encompass the human experience. However, one should heal those aches with determination. Persist despite the negative feelings. Do not let your fear cripple you any longer.  Tell your internal self that today you will get up and be courageous and act on it. Your courage might just be the saving someone was hoping for. Jesus’ courage gave humanity hope that they can be accepted in spite of their real or perceived flaws. Your courage might not only save others but save you.

It is imperative that you use the strengths that make you the person that you are, starting today. This is your beginning, this is your spring. This is the blossoming of a flower who wants the world to enjoy its beauty. A new type of beginning is possible as the leaf changes its colour. The past is already written like the old leaves but as long you breathe; you have the opportunity to start anew. It is time to step up and out of the old season of life and accept the freshness and possibilities that the now affords us. Today is your new page, tell me what will you write?

The strongest power is to accept the change within you. This is when you will no longer see the vision of a lesser you, because you know that you are worthy of the highest order. I implore you to take charge, empower yourselves to grab this new season and maximize your liveliness. Instead of thinking of all that inhibited you, think now who’s to stop you?

The past season of winter and the agonizing cold teaches us to appreciate the warmth of a softer season. The time of letting go and letting growth is when we truly are on the right path, like when a bunny nurtures her egg.

Now, here’s a 4 step guide for you to commence your spring:


Step 1Acceptance – Look at every part of you internally and externally, all the parts you adore or don’t and tell yourself “I love you unconditionally”. Say this 5 times and with each time, raise your voice a bit. Hug yourself deeply for about 2 minutes, take deep breaths. Inhale, hold it and exhale. Inhale…exhale. Inhale and this time when you exhale, release all the hatred, the negativity. You’re accepting you and your life as how you are so that you can move on to the other steps.


Step 2Face Your Fears – Write down EVERYTHING that’s afraid of or that holding you back and I do mean everything, it might be very dark, it might make you cry, it might even pain your fingers as you write, write it all down. Look at that list, look at the content of that paper. Is it as mountainous as you thought it was?


Step 3Make a Change today. You’re going to actively participate in making a better you. All those fears that you wrote down, it’s time to write another list to match it. This time a list of solutions. For example, you believe that you’re overweight, then the solution will be diet and exercise and not just going to the gym but doing something you enjoy such as dance fitness, aqua workout, kickboxing, etc. You are going to combat every fear with a solution. Keep the list as you overcome every fear – you will put a line through it and a tick at the solution. When you have crossed every item on the fear list, you are going to burn it.


Step 4A New Page – After burning that list, you’re going to put up a new page – This time you can use your notepad on your phone and any other means of writing without it being deleting. You are going to write down goals that you’ve accomplished. It can be small or big, every month you should accomplish something that adds or encourages the renewed view. Keep that list until you believe that you can live without it.






Isaiah 43:19King James Version (KJV)
Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Here is the opportunity to move things out of your life that has served its purpose and no longer serves us. You have an opportunity and a choice to clean out, dust of, and sort so you can be renewed – mind, body and spirit

Renew your mind
Many of us harbor negative emotions over time such as anger, jealousy and hatred; these emotions are not only take a lot of our energy, they can also be detrimental to your health and happiness. The truth is these feelings aren’t adding anything to your life and it maybe time let go of any negative emotions or blame or guilt you have been holding. Also, find an outlet to release any anxiety and stress, such as through yoga, exercise or counselling. Remember that worrying won’t change the future; it will only ruin the present.

Clean up your relationshipsphoto-1453175324447-6864b23ecf23
Often times we cling on to friendships and relationships that have expired, believing that quantity is more important than quality. However, if you are holding on to relationships that no longer make you feel good, it may be time to let them go. If you think that you maybe going through a rough patch them have a conversation with your “friend” so you can decide if its is really time to move on. If they have been bringing you down for a while and there’s no resolution in sight, it may be time to focus on those people who make you are helping you to become the best version of yourself.



Sort out your finances
When your finances are in a rut so is your mental state, if you want to start with a renewed and clear mind, one of the best things you can do is to get your finances in order. I know it may seem scary to assess your financial situation, ignoring it will only cause your worries to eat away at you and may even place you in worse situation later on. Put your big girl panties on and, if necessary, set yourself a budget for the next few months or so. Create a plan to cut down on anything that you don’t need to be splurging on, such as your weekly manicure or that fancy store-bought lunch.

Dust off your talents
When we were children we moved one activity to the next, from swimming classes to music lessons, yet as we get older we get so caught up with obligations and chores that we abandon the hobbies and interests we used to love. To add some fun back in to your life, try taking up an activity again that you used to enjoy or be good at. If you find that your passion is no longer there then move on to something else – there are so many new things, you are bound out find something you enjoy

Clear out your brain.
Make a promise to yourself, to spend anywhere from five to 15 minutes just chilling with your thoughts. Place your phone on silent, download a meditation app and turn your phone to Airplane mode to avoid getting distracted. We get so caught up staring at screens and often forget that we need to refocus. Take a walk minus technology or turn off your phone and go hang with the kids.

Jazz up your dietRpgvvtYAQeqAIs1knERU_vegetables
First of all, remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary and try a new eating lifestyle. Expand your palate by going meatless for a meal or two and trying new vegetables or even juicing. Eliminate dairy a rest for a while and see how differently you feel. There’s so much more to eat beyond meat and potatoes.


Permission to be Imperfect

“You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” ~Brene Brown

Perfection is as elusive as silence. It’s difficult to even describe true perfection. How can you put into words something that’s impossible even to imagine? Instead, many people waste their time focusing on what it isn’t. You can never quite reach perfection; and just when you think you’ve achieved it, something shifts, and it’s lost. We waste so much time trying to be:

The perfect parent

The perfect worker

The perfect wife

The perfect Daughter/son

STOP trying to be perfect and focus on being GOOD ENOUGH because Good Enough is good enough.

Here are some tips for you:

Respect and love yourself. Accept you are an individual with your own rights and integrity versus subjecting yourself to all the self-abuse and self-depreciation. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve.  Are you beating yourself over something that you could have done differently? Let go of all these negative thoughts in your mind. You did what you could with what you had at the time

 Get started. Even if you’re not sure yet what you’re doing, give it a try. You may be better at it than you think, or your task may be easier than you imagined it. Even if your first attempt doesn’t get you anywhere, perhaps you’ll know what or who to ask to get going. Or, you may just discover what not to do. Most of the time, you’ll find that you imagined the barriers as larger than they really are

Reflect on your opportunities. Failure is relative. Perhaps you thought your cookies were a bit overdone, but everybody else ate them up. As the doer, you probably know more about what went in than anybody. Whoever benefited from your work cares more about the result and may never even notice the process. In addition, consider what you learned from your opportunities, and how that will help you improve. Without mistakes you will never learn.

Reflect on your successes. Think back to something you have done or made that was successful.  Probably you experienced some uncertainty along the way to creating that success. It may not have been perfect, but you still achieved your goal.  Your reservations and concerns will make you feel “safe”, but don’t let them keep you stuck. Rather than do a few things perfectly, accomplish many things successfully.

Know your inherent worthiness.  Try repeating affirmations that remind you that your value lies within. “I am more than enough.” If we look outside ourselves for validation that we are enough, we will always be tempted to over -deliver.

DON’T compare yourself to yourself.

Comparing yourself to others can easily lead to feeling inferior. There will always be a lot of people ahead of you in any area of life.

  • So compare yourself to yourself…
  • Look at what you have overcome.
  • See your improvement; see how far you have come.
  • Appreciate yourself and focus what you have done and are doing rather than what everyone else is doing.

“We aren’t meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole. If you allow yourself, you can become stronger in the very places that you’ve been broken,” said Jane Fonda.







Permission to be FREE

What are you still holding on to that you haven’t been able to give yourself permission to let go of?


Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV) reminds us that, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” That includes a time to tear down, to give up, and to throw away…RELATIONSHIPS, JOBS, CLOTHES, HABITS. If it not longer serves you RELEASE it so you can attract that which YOU see

When we decide that we are going to give ourselves permission to let go, that’s when we can actually enjoy life and all that comes our way. We can start being more accepting of things, of people, and of challenges, we are then able to realize that though sometimes things are not going exactly our way, it’s OK. Life is not meant to be perfect and nor are we.

Letting go is like a mental, emotional, and spiritual delete button. It doesn’t change what happened, but it removes that event’s power to continue hurting you .It’s natural for you to fear the unknown, and the future falls into that category; none of us can predict what’s to come. But what we can control is our mind-set. Don’t hold yourself back because you’re afraid or because you’ve been hurt. Instead, acknowledge your fear, accept it, and walk through it with confidence.. Until you make peace with your difficult memories, that pain will continue to bleed into your current and future experiences.


Pray Today, I ask for and open myself to receive the strength, courage, and compassion required to forgive myself. I forgive myself for all perceived sins, faults, mistakes, and failings. I forgive myself for every thought, belief, behavior, perception, and emotion that I have told myself is bad, wrong, unjust, unloving, and displeasing to You, God. I forgive myself for every hurt, judgment, condemnation, unkind or unloving thought, belief, and perception I have held about or against myself. I forgive myself for any behaviors, habits, or actions motivated by unforgiveness, the unwillingness to forgive myself. I forgive myself with compassion and love. I ask for, accept, and claim God’s forgiveness. Today, believing and knowing that because I have asked, I have received. I am so grateful.- Vanzant

I let it be!

And so it is!

 I Forgive My Mind for Thinking —

I forgive my mind for thinking that I always have to do more to prove myself to others.

I forgive my mind for thinking I should be __________________________________

I forgive my mind for thinking I should not be _______________________________

I forgive my mind for thinking I am _______________________________________

I forgive my mind for thinking I am not ____________________________________

— I Forgive Myself for Judging —

I forgive myself for judging myself as being so stupid about the men I have loved.

I forgive myself for judging myself as ____________________________________

I forgive myself for judging myself as not _________________________________

I forgive myself for judging myself for ___________________________________

I forgive myself for judging myself for not _________________________________

— I Forgive Myself for Believing —

I forgive myself for believing that all the mean things my grandmother said about me were true.

I forgive myself for believing myself to be _________________________________

I forgive myself for not believing myself to be ______________________________

I forgive myself for believing that _______________________________________

I forgive myself for not believing that _____________________________________


Talk soon

Work sheet and Prayer- Iyanla Vanzant

5 Keys to YOUR happiness –

We work so hard to have it all: a beautiful home, a loving partner, a successful job and more. But what happens when these successes don’t equal happiness in our lives and we’re left feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and unhappy? How do we get onto the road that leads to happiness? And what are we looking for?

Here are 5 Things you can do the give yourself permission to be happy be sure ti take the happiness quiz

  • Gratitude: True Happiness isn’t about having what you want, but wanting what you ALREADY have. We often long for better friends, a better relationship, a better job, a sexier body, we focus so much on what is missing and what is right in front of us get overlooked. We train ourselves to look at what is wrong in our lives and miss what truly is. Zoom things to be grateful for and be happy you have them.


  • Forgive: Commit to putting your forgiveness into words. You can do this either in a letter to the person you’re forgiving or in your journal. Finally, try to hold on to the forgiveness. Don’t dwell on your anger, hurt, and desire for vengeance.


  • Watch the Company You Keep. Oprah once said “Surround yourself only with people who will lift you higher” and this is a mantra I hold by. The people you surround yourself with definitely have an impact on you. Spend more time with positive, optimistic people and weed out the negative ones, ensure the ones remaining are those who see the good in you and encourage you to be your best self.


  • Look for the Lessons; We often cannot choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we react to what happens .All of us have times of stress, loss, failure or trauma in our lives. How we respond to these events has a big impact on our wellbeing. In practice it’s not always easy, but one of the most exciting findings from recent research is that resilience, like many other life skills, can be learned.


  • Don’t Rely On Other People to Make You Happy. Often times w
    e feel unhappy because you expect other people to give us things that you can only give yourself. Relying on others to make you happy will only lead to disappointment. You will never be truly satisfied if you continually outsource the task of finding happiness, you will constantly find yourself at mercy of everyone you meet. It is time to
    take control of the steering wheel, put your self in the divers seat and start accepting responsibility for your own happiness and sense of self-worth. Only you can control how happy you are and how you feel about yourself.IMG_5699

Take the Test : 

Talk soon