Nicole here!  We just wrapped a week long celebration for Joshua’s 7th birthday, I think I had more fun than he did. One thing that stood out for me this week was how much we do as moms, and  how we often hustle for our worthiness. In  the midst of juggling your children and your business/job (and everything that goes along with it. Sometimes you find yourself dropping balls… sometimes with your body, your exercise, your business,
and sometimes… yourself. We get lost in the fog. We have to reschedule our hair appointment, sacrifice your sleep time, Shorten your time of stillness, your prayer time. And grab the fastest food to eat or munch while you cook…or a drink to get it all done. In all this we forget WHO WE TRULY ARE..our passions and PURPOSE. Ladies, the truth is, unless you follow passions and have a purpose-drive shift you will forever be hustling and juggling

As Moms, we often live in a perpetual state of SHOULD. “I should be able to balance work and home better”, “I should live up to other people’s expectations of me”, “I should be a better wife/mother/sister/employee…” Part of the Purpose-drive shift is shifting out of SHOULD and into the truth of who you are, as you are today..WORTHY


Strong like her; stronger than superwoman. Vulnerable like her, as vulnerable as a woman-being. Mothers, you are the epitome of strength. When everyone else would have thrown in the towel, you endured. Your life is not a mistake. It is the savior of men, nurturer of children, and monument of greatness. Please, don’t you think that it is time that you recognize your worth? The real superwoman woman that you are. It is your caring heart and complete love that have groom this nation that occupies this present earth. Everything and anything is because of you.

As that child grew in your womb and then later fed from your breast; it is you who gave a part of yourself and shared your body to nurture another. A potent bond that that every child cherishes; knowing that mommy is there to care for their needs. Mommy, you are every child’s superhero and the only hero whose greatest power generates from the heart: love.

Moms, I implore you to own your worth. You stand beside a man and you make him stronger. It is true that when a man leaves his mother’s home; he searches for a woman to provide him with the support that his mother gave to him. The one that he is not afraid to laugh and cry with. The one that encourages, advise him and shares herself with. Don’t you see how crucial a part you play? You are utmost worthy.

Mothers, we are great because we know that we are not perfect; we have faults and weakness. We fall down and we break down in tears. But we always get back up on our feet and we wipe our tears away. Yes, we always get back up!

We do not it for ourselves only, but we also do it for the people we love and those that love us. We protect the relationships that we form with families and friend. We love and we love from the depth of our earth. We give, and we give everything that we are and that we have. We are the superheroes that fight for the ones we love by loving them. Ask yourself, what will this world be without you? Really ask yourself…The world without women is the world that fails to exist.


So let that hunger for more roar. Time to stop feeling insufficient,undeserving and let that your lioness rule. Enough is enough. Today is the day for you to break free from all that’s enslaving your mentality, pushing to believe you’re not worthy. Renew your belief so that it cure the damage the vassalage has caused. No day but today, mothers, claim your throne.

Own you so you can lead them

  • First Step: Recognition: Do a self-video or prop up a video camera, you’re going to let the inner you speak. Be honest with yourself, state how you feel about your present life
    Mother holding her son in the air

    and the reasons. Why do you feel unworthy, inadequate, etc?Make it max 5 mins long. Ensure you list the date you’re recording the video.

  • Second Step : Say it Out Loud – Start your mornings and end your nights with a cup of self- love – Tell yourself “I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am a lioness” – Feel free to customize the note but it must be a POSITIVE affirmation. Say this every day for a week.
  • Step 3: Get a sticky pad – Every week put up two sticky notes in your bathroom, in your room, on the refrigerator, put it several places where you must see it. One note with have a positive quote, the other will a goal. When the accomplish that goal, you put up a new goal and a new post.The quote should refer to your goal
  • Step 4: get a scrapbook: When you accomplish the goal, put it and the quote in a journal , label it with dates – when you started and when the goal was accomplished.
  • Step 5: After accomplishing 2- 4 goals, go back to the camera, list the date and tell yourself how you feel now. At the end of the video, ends with the words “ I finally know your worth and I will continue to exemplify this knowledge”

 Over the next few weeks, I will be focusing on just moms, I want to help you become the leader of your life so you can lead your children. I want to help you become a purpose-driven mom, whilst I do not claim to be an expert at parenting, I do believe I have the skills and tools to help you transform your life, so you can be the mom that desire to be. Join me and other moms who have decided to become passionate and purposeful…be part of our More than Enough Movement Join us here