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Hi, I’m Nicole

A mom, mug, candle, prosecco and fresh flowers lover…

I am super passionate about personal development and reaching for MORE. With my 14 years of organizational development, coaching training and mentoring, I help professional women over 40, reignite their passion for life, set clear motivating goals and create the things they CRAVE,

I am obsessed with helping women get MORE of whatever they desire—more love, more sex, more exercise, more influence, more meaningful friendships, more quality conversations, more job opportunities, more time with God, or “me” time.

I believe if you desire it, then you can design it.

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A Week of Yes

I just returned from beautiful Victoria BC after delivering Manager Essentials training to 10 awesome leaders.This last two weeks have been a stretch for me and let me be honest (as I usually am)I delivered 3 sessions in a week.1.    I was the keynote at a conference...

Fill Your Cup, Give From Your Saucer

I spent a week of resetting and refilling my cup. Well OK let me be honest with you it was the week that also included vodka, all day in the pool, lobsters and the consumption of carbs, carbs and more carbs. I almost missed the bus because I went back to the...

Progress Over Progression

I have a confession to make. My name is Nicole A. Wright and I am a recovered Perfectionist. I wanted to be everything to everyone, strive for the greatest success without failing or looking stupid, constantly focus on achieving more, rather than appreciating the...

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