Sundays are for setting your intentions
Grab your journals and write down the tasks and targets you desire to accomplish for the week.

(Now Gems this is not laundry list of “to-do’s” either)

Having a plan to follow will help you avoid shiny object syndrome which can drain your energy.

* What are you going to be deliberate about this week?
* How you will connect to your source?
* How you will nurture your body?
* How you will be mindful to love yourself?
* How you will show up for my family and friends?
* How you will be mindful at work?
* How will you be intentional about the energy you bring into the spaces you enter?
* How will you track this? An app? Will you write it down?You need to be able to SEE your progress as each day comes.
How are you going to celebrate once you complete those targets?

I encourage you to take a few minutes today to evaluate what went “wrong” or “right” the last week and see where you can adjust.

Do this without judgment, if things didn’t go as planned…
Acknowledge and Reset. There is always Sunday.