This is your season – your springeaster

Warm and nurturing; a rabbit protects the eggs. You should protect your love. The love of self. Love yourself in its entirety, the good, the bad and the ugly. You are made in an image next to none. Every bit of you was uniquely created, created for a purpose. Accept every atom of yourself and let your purpose be free.

There is an amazing individual sleeping inside of you; pure like the season of sacrifice. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to save the lives of the ones he loves. He slept for three days then he woke up to protect the ones He loves, indefinitely. The amazing person in you should wake up as well. Others telling you, you’re amazing is not enough. Think it, feel it, breathe it, live it…Each day should be a testimony of how worthy you are. Let your actions pay homage to your greatness.

Many might be afraid, crippled by fear. Know that the fear is expected, Jesus cried before his great sacrifice. Your fear is natural and it is okay to be tempted by self-doubt. It’s ok to feel insufficient, unsure – These are the aches that encompass the human experience. However, one should heal those aches with determination. Persist despite the negative feelings. Do not let your fear cripple you any longer.  Tell your internal self that today you will get up and be courageous and act on it. Your courage might just be the saving someone was hoping for. Jesus’ courage gave humanity hope that they can be accepted in spite of their real or perceived flaws. Your courage might not only save others but save you.

It is imperative that you use the strengths that make you the person that you are, starting today. This is your beginning, this is your spring. This is the blossoming of a flower who wants the world to enjoy its beauty. A new type of beginning is possible as the leaf changes its colour. The past is already written like the old leaves but as long you breathe; you have the opportunity to start anew. It is time to step up and out of the old season of life and accept the freshness and possibilities that the now affords us. Today is your new page, tell me what will you write?

The strongest power is to accept the change within you. This is when you will no longer see the vision of a lesser you, because you know that you are worthy of the highest order. I implore you to take charge, empower yourselves to grab this new season and maximize your liveliness. Instead of thinking of all that inhibited you, think now who’s to stop you?

The past season of winter and the agonizing cold teaches us to appreciate the warmth of a softer season. The time of letting go and letting growth is when we truly are on the right path, like when a bunny nurtures her egg.

Now, here’s a 4 step guide for you to commence your spring:


Step 1Acceptance – Look at every part of you internally and externally, all the parts you adore or don’t and tell yourself “I love you unconditionally”. Say this 5 times and with each time, raise your voice a bit. Hug yourself deeply for about 2 minutes, take deep breaths. Inhale, hold it and exhale. Inhale…exhale. Inhale and this time when you exhale, release all the hatred, the negativity. You’re accepting you and your life as how you are so that you can move on to the other steps.


Step 2Face Your Fears – Write down EVERYTHING that’s afraid of or that holding you back and I do mean everything, it might be very dark, it might make you cry, it might even pain your fingers as you write, write it all down. Look at that list, look at the content of that paper. Is it as mountainous as you thought it was?


Step 3Make a Change today. You’re going to actively participate in making a better you. All those fears that you wrote down, it’s time to write another list to match it. This time a list of solutions. For example, you believe that you’re overweight, then the solution will be diet and exercise and not just going to the gym but doing something you enjoy such as dance fitness, aqua workout, kickboxing, etc. You are going to combat every fear with a solution. Keep the list as you overcome every fear – you will put a line through it and a tick at the solution. When you have crossed every item on the fear list, you are going to burn it.


Step 4A New Page – After burning that list, you’re going to put up a new page – This time you can use your notepad on your phone and any other means of writing without it being deleting. You are going to write down goals that you’ve accomplished. It can be small or big, every month you should accomplish something that adds or encourages the renewed view. Keep that list until you believe that you can live without it.