Meeting Nicole was just that, meeting a person who also luminates a room. Nicole’s coaching and goal setting ways have helped me to remain steady and bring so much value to my relationships. Thank you Nicole for being one of those unyielding forces in my corner.

Antoinette Okai-Koi

Nicole impacted me by steering my mindset in the opposite direction. The more than enough….the good enough….the just as I am….the deserving of much more than I settle for journey that I now travel. Some steps are baby like most steps are leaps and bounds.


I’m walking now more than ever as the woman I’m supposes to be, unapologetically. I don’t struggle to be the perfect parent but the best mother I can be to my children. I’m not attached anymore to energy zappers who doesn’t serve my true purpose anymore…I’ve started to take action.. I give equally in my marriage and is still working on being the best partner I can be…I don’t have too many struggles. But I did…
A lot of the phrases I used here, is identical to yours and that’s because u have served me and well, and I thank God for u.. If I need help, I know where to run Thanks Coach… Bye for now!!

T Brown

Simply put if you are stuck, you need Nicole in your life. She simplifies the path to happiness and guided me towards parts of life I knew I had but didn’t know how to grab hold of.

Ella Bates