Monthly membership coaching to help you create the things you crave

MORE Academy Monthly Membership was created to help you do less and create more of the things you crave…

Why? Because you deserve it!

I have spent the last 13 years, devouring books, attending conferences, listening to podcasts, getting certified in leadership development programs, going to therapy and working with coaches – so that I could become a better woman, mother, employee and leader.

I hear you. I see your messages. And now I want to you help you make a lasting change and create the things you crave.

I want to make this available to you, so I have condensed my years of knowledge and my passion for learning and development into a LIVE monthly coaching program.

Once a month I will host a live coaching session. In this power packed session you will join like-minded members of our community for a live coaching session (imagine Facebook live but in our private access website). Each month we’ll dig deeper into things like: how to set clear goal, how to adopt a positive mindset or how to cultivate high performing habit.  Get guidance laced with authenticity from a someone who’s done the real work and achieved results!


I know at this stage of your life you crave more. You may:

  • Be stuck in your career
  • Not know what you want, but you know this isn’t it
  • Hate the way you look
  • Feel trapped in a relationship
  • Not be pursuing your passions
  • Be using food and alcohol to hide your pain
  • Be people pleasing and afraid of rejection
  • Be feeling discouraged, defeated and just exhausted

I know you have tried therapy, positive affirmations, fasting, praying, journaling, and maybe even CBD.

But you are still longing for more, as there are things missing.

The ONE thing you need is The M.O.R.E Method.

Settling steals your hours, days, month and weeks; time you will never get back.

Choosing to stop settling is one of the most empowering things you can do as a wife, a mom and a woman.

Your dreams and goals are not wrong just because someone else doesn’t get them.

YOU are not wrong just because they don’t understand you.

It takes massive courage to dream, and even bigger bravery to pursue your dream with opposition from others. The question is not can you achieve your goals, or will you be successful (because you are capable of anything). The question is, can you pursue something for yourself without validation from others?


The More Academy Monthly Membership includes:

  • Deep Insight into topics that will help you get unstuck
  • Daily support from your community
  • Monthly live coaching
  • Worksheets
  • Weekly Q&A