Get the clarity and courage to shamelessly reach for MORE of what you deserve and desire.


Time to get clear on your goals, settle for MORE, and create the things you crave.

The MORE ACADEMY is for you IF you:


  • Feel stuck in your career
  • Are unsure of what you want, but you know this isn’t it
  • Are unhappy with the way you look
  • Feel trapped in an unsatisfying relationship
  • Are afraid to pursue your passions
  • Use food and alcohol to hide your pain
  • Are busy people pleasing and are afraid of rejection
  • Feel discouraged, defeated and just exhausted
  • Have heard why it’s so important to discover, love, and be who you are, you just don’t know enough to get started.
  • Are still longing for more as there are things missing.
  • Know deep down that this can’t be it; deep down there is MORE.

As a member of the MORE ACADEMY you will experience:


Clarity: Know and honor your gifts


Self-discovery: Reconnect with your soul


Purpose: Rebrand from within to redesign your life


Transformation: Become who you’re really meant to be

Your Membership Includes:




Weekly Q & A


Monthly Live Coaching

Deep Insights to help you get unstuck

Community Support

The monthly membership for the MORE Academy is only


Client Success Stories

More Testimonials

I remember strolling through Instagram ‘search’ which I don’t normally do, I came upon this name that caught my attention “women who settle for more” I’m like  hmmm interesting. I immediately started checking out the page, it had some videos which I listened to and they were information that I was never taught. 


I felt like it was God who lead me to it. I immediately called my husband to get me a note book and started taking notes. It was very enlightening, I was excited to learn more. I then joined the academy,  its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, it changed my mindset. I will recommend this academy to anyone anytime, it worth, I promise you your life will never be the same

Sahara F.

Nicole’s life coaching groups popped up on my social media to join and I did just that. From goal setting, to de-cluttering my life for more blessings, to becoming a money magnet, and the best of all her vision board classes, I still listen to every single word. Nicole has changed my life immensely. When she thought I wasn’t listening I was listening word for word and following instruction by instruction. What Nicole does not know is that her life coaching has help me with my severe anxiety. Nicole has shown me why it is so important to keep a journal not just for my thoughts but to keep track of my goals and see exactly where I want to be vs where I am now. Although I believe I’m still a work-in-progress, Nicole has helped me bring my life 85% better than it was when we met nine years ago. Nicole has shown me and taught me how to be more than enough. Nicole; I salute you, I respect you, and my princess and I adore and love you!! Stay blessed!! XOXO


When I attended the Goal Setting and Vision Board Workshop that Nicole hosted she helped me pin point barriers hindering my growth, showed me how to write effective, realistic goals and how to create a purposeful vision board. She is a very engaging and impactful facilitator. 
I also purchased her journal and by the end of it I was way more confident and connected because she prompted me to dig deep to have a better awareness of myself. She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, down to earth and confident. Her life story gives me chills and to me, makes her authentic and credible.
On top of her experience she offers practical, proven techniques and strategies that helped with my growth. I literally hear her in my head everyday saying, “My gem, you are MORE than enough!”
I will continue with her group mentorship program so that I can receive her continued guidance. Thanks Nicole for being an inspiration🥰


What will I get in the MORE Academy?

Twice a month Nicole will go live for two different coaching sessions – one will be training and the other will be Q&A. For each of our 1 hour sessions you will join like-minded members of our community for a live coaching session (imagine Facebook live but in our private online space). In her monthly coaching series Nicole will condense her years of knowledge, experience and certifications to help you make lasting change and to get further, faster.


  • Bi-weekly Access to live weekly community coaching sessions from Nicole and other experts.
  • 2x Weekly Growth Prompts – Each week’s theme will have prompts to help you with Mindset, Self-Awareness and goal acceleration.
  • Tribe of committed, action-taking business Gems to help propel you forward and serve one another.
  • Bonus content, exclusive access to products and events, special prizes and more.


What should I expect upon signing up?

When you sign up you will receive a confirmation email that will prompt you to join the Facebook group. All of the information you need will be available inside the Facebook group.

What if I can't attend the live coaching session?

Recordings will be available and archived in the closed Facebook group, The MORE Academy.

Are the sessions always the same day and time?

We will send you an email each month to let you know what time class will begin and any other resources you may need to get started.

Billing questions?

Once you have registered, you will be charged the first payment immediately.  This payment begins the monthly charge cycle straight away and will automatically charge you on that same date the next month.

Please direct any other billing questions to  




How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription to The MORE Academy at any time by sending an email to  This cancelation must take place 7 days before your scheduled billing date. If charged after your billing cycle is processed, refunds will not be issued. Once cancelled, your founding-member price will not be accessible again. You may join at the next open window for the price of the subscription on that date.