Icilda’s Angel Chemo Kits – Cheer While Going Through Cancer

Icilda is my grandmother who passed away from breast cancer. She was full of cheer to the end. Throughout my grandmother’s illness, she was always cheerful and joyful. I believe things took a turn for the worst for her when she was going to the clinic to be treated and could not find anyone there who was nice, pleasant, happy, and joyful.
After losing my grandmother to her battle with breast cancer, I reflected on my own journey while being treated for breast cancer. I knew that one of the things I would have loved to see was someone who had walked the road I was walking on and was still filled with joy. I wanted to see someone who was happy.

Cheer through Chemo

My overall objective with delivering the chemo kits is to bring happiness and joy into the lives of the persons being treated. Everything in the kit has a special purpose. 

Chemo Cheer Kits include:

  • Cozy Socks – for helping keep their feet warm during treatments or hospital stays
  • Lip Balm – to help nourish and protect their lips
  • Hypoallergenic Hand Lotion – for the various challenges that their skin goes through
  • Peppermint Candies – to help combat nausea and dry mouth during treatments
  • A motivational quote – for when they hit their lows
  • Earbuds – when they wish to block out the noise
  • Hand sanitizer – to protect them from germs
  • Facial Tissue – if they ever shed a tear

How can you help with this project? By donating.