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Nicole Wright – Self Leadership Coach for Women

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Welcome! I am so excited that you’re ready to be intentional about reaching for MORE. If we haven’t already met, my name is Nicole Wright. My friends call me Nikkie. I help women become CEOs of their lives and shamelessly reach for MORE of the things they crave.

Intentional journaling is the tool that helped me push through on days when I needed to have a sense of purpose and direction. When packing for a vacation, most women will pack a swimsuit. But my journal is the first thing I pack. And it was one of the tools that helped me to process my emotions and express my feelings, when I battled cancer a few years ago, lost my job of 8 years, and gave birth to my amazing son Joshua.

Everything changed when I started using prompts to get me thinking

Don’t judge me. Because now, I go through several journals a year using the same prompts that I have laid out in this journal for you. So, I totally get it—journaling can be a little intimidating at first. Maybe you have no idea what to write. Or you have the same problem I did: sitting and staring at a blank page not sure of where to start.

 And that’s exactly why I created the MORE: “guided” Journal.

If you’re ready to get started with intentional journaling, but you’re not sure how, this journal was designed with you in mind.

 Enjoy the Journey

With Love & Intention

Love Nikkie


Are you living by design or by default? Do you run on autopilot, chasing the things you think you’re supposed to want; doing the things you think you’re supposed to do?

If you answered yes, the MORE Journal is for you!

It’s my goal that the MORE Journal will help you to open your heart and mind to the awareness that you CAN make a decision to cultivate the habit of starting your day with intention. You’ll find greater clarity about your authentic desires and be inspired to pursue them with resolve and determination.

The first 3 months of this journal are designed to help you dive deeper into your own personal development by covering 3 critical areas of Self Leadership and becoming the CEO of your life.

Month One


We will explore limiting beliefs, being brave enough to ask for what you need, self-love, self-care, and health.

Month Two


Personal growth is all about the things that impact you personally – including your hobbies, environment, finances, career/business, your skills, and opportunities for growth.

Month Three


We will explore ways for you to be more intentional in your relationships, including with your family, partner, and friends.

At the beginning of each month decide your guiding word, this is your go-to-word of the month. Use this word to drive your intention. Refer to it as you go about your month or whenever you need a dose of motivation.

Weekly Reviews

At the end of each week, take some time to reflect on what about your routine worked and also what didn’t. During this time, be mindful of your wins and challenge yourself for growth in the areas where you need to improve.

Habit Tracker

This chart allows you to keep track of habits you are trying to build. Each month decide the habits you want to work on and list them. At the end of each day, take some time to note your progress.  It will allow you to see how you’re progressing. Use it to track both good and bad. Use colors to make it fun!

Daily Reflection


Daily intention setting and reflection should be done each morning before you begin your regularly scheduled activities. Decide an area you want to focus on and how you will be intentional in that area, then select a positive affirmation for the day from the affirmations collection pages at the end of the journal. Decide what you are grateful for, releasing, and available for that day.

Daily Reflection


Before you go to bed, review your thoughts, decisions and actions, that day. Decide things that made you happy that day—so you can invest more energy in them going forward. Finally, record an important life lesson of the day.

Daily Positive Affirmations Collection

The collection is categorized based on the different areas of life.

  1.     Decide the area you want to focus on
  2.     Select an affirmation
  3.     Describe how you want to feel.
  4.     Set a strong intention behind it (really be mindful about it) 
  5.     Write it down in your journal

30 – Day Gratitude Challenge

Being grateful is a huge part of your intentional living journey.Use the 30 days of gratitude challenge template as a primer for a more grateful life.


The woman who is ready to be MORE intentional about creating the life she deserves and is willing to take inspired action, develop the discipline to follow through and regain confidence by showing up daily for herself.

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It’s the Journal that has everyone excited for MORE.

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