I’ve been rereading Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of YES: How to Dance it Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person” (if you’ve never read it I suggest you get a copy) and it’s sparked some ideas for this week’s theme – A week

of YES

What does YES really mean?

Let me be the first to warn you that your natural instinct will be to say no before you say YES. Saying YES is scary. It’s outside of our comfort zones and requires us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and for most of us (myself included), that kind of discomfort is hard.

It takes work, but once you can get over the fear you will find it’s totally worth it.

Saying YES to finishing what we started

Speaking of doing the uncomfortable *|FNAME|*, as we find ourselves with more time on our hands there’s no better time than now to revisit some of those ideas and plans you’ve been sitting on due to fear and doubt.

So get your pen and paper ready (because you know I’m a fan of introspection and journaling) and let’s talk about stalled plans.

What have you been waiting for permission to start?
Make a list of projects you’ve put on the back burner but have not been able to stop thinking about.
Write down 2-4 reasons why you haven’t followed through on each one.

It’s important to get really honest with yourself when writing down why you haven’t followed through on a project. Inmost instances, if we’re being really honest with ourselves, a lack of resources (time, money, know-how) isn’t the biggest hindrance. Those challenges can normally be fixed.

While it’s not always the case, it’s often fear that gets in the way of us saying YES and moving forward with our big goals and dreams.

So go ahead and name those projects and really examine the reasons why you haven’t followed through on them.

While this exercise won’t solve all your procrastination problems, it will go a long way in giving you some clarity on why you haven’t done more of the things you say you want to do but don’t.

This week I invited you to say YES to MORE of the things your soul is longing for : more love, more sex, more exercise, more influence, more meaningful friendships, more quality conversations, more job opportunities, more time with God, or “me” time. I believe if you desire it, then you can design it”  if you are just willing to say yes.